Welcome to a different world of dishes that you may not be familiar with (yet).

Welcome to a different world of dishes that you may not be familiar with (yet). It is filled with expressive colours and perfected tastes, and the ingredients used have exceptional healing effects on your body and soul. This world is ruled by fresh fruit and vegetables which, laid out on a plate, inspire with their freshness and life. Their tastes interweave with the taste of the purest cold-pressed oils, of nuts and seeds and spices. For you, they turn into refined, unique dishes on your plate. Their vivid colours caress your eyes and soul, their taste will delight you. After such a meal your body feels light, full of energy, and nourished by vitamins, proteins, much-needed amino acids, enzymes, ballast substances and water. The ingredients retain their original composition due to the manner of processing used for raw dishes. The processing temperature of your favourite raw dish never rises above 42 degrees Celsius, as that would ruin all the healing substances listed above.

The kingdom of raw foods in Ajdovo zrno is varied, and holistically satisfies your needs. Every day a raw main course awaits you; in the hot summer months a cold raw soup cools you down. Raw home-made granola can be a stand-alone dish that you take with you, and that satisfies any sudden hunger. You can take a little more time, pour almond or rice milk over it, chop up strawberries, raspberries, a banana, add dates, dried figs and create a delicious morning meal. In Ajdovo zrno you can also order and enjoy coffee or tea, and listen to the birds sing on the quiet terrace of Mala ulica.

Raw desserts


It’s almost impossible to do them justice with words. You have to try them. The experience is magical, once-in-a-lifetime, addictive, calling for more…. And the best part is: you can order more without feeling guilty. The chocolate is real and home-made, its quality of being a powerful antioxidant preserved. We like playing with the chocolate and adding a taste of fresh basil, mint, orange, banana, cinnamon or lavender to it. Chocolate creams, cakes, raw pies, raw pancakes… come into existence.

Bourbon vanilla and fresh fruit are an endless source of inspiration, and their distinctive primal tastes are a perfect way to enjoy our raw magic.

Raw dishes are excellently complemented by natural juices,
which we cold press and prepare fresh.

Did you know that a Smoothie can be a stand-alone meal which naturally provides your body with all necessary ingredients and helps it to gently detox? RAINBOW or GREEN? The choice is yours.

You can put together your own salad and dress it according to your individual desires. You can choose from various fresh salads, fresh and cooked vegetables, legumes and cooked grains. The palette stops at the number 27, and the bowls can be small, medium, large and even jumbo!


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