hat a hidden corner exists in the centre of Ljubljana where you can escape from the city’s bustle and treat yourself to all that caresses your taste buds, satisfies your hunger and feeds your soul.


You can treat yourself to a biiiig piece of cake, a chocolate brownie, home-made spelt bread, create your own salad according to your wishes, have a warm soup, try something new – something raw. If you fancy lunch, we have tastes and dishes you’re familiar with. Maybe your grandma made them for you, they remind you of your mum’s lunches, or you usually make them yourself at home but, chased by the clock, you have neither time nor will to cook.

That your cook is someone who cares about you and is passionate about their work.

That all the ingredients you ingest are carefully chosen. Everything they offer and cook for you is free of refined sugar, white flour, ingredients of animal origin, artificial colourings (because fresh food is colourful and beautiful enough in itself), and free of preservatives and artificial flavourings (because they know that nature offers spices and herbs from which all sorts of culinary magic can be created).


That you receive everything you desire to eat quickly, because someone knows you are hungry or that you need to hurry back to work, college or errands. Your meal is served on a platter, not because they don’t want to pamper or serve you, but because that way you have more control over your time. If you would like pampering and service, you let us know and it will happen.

That you can take all the food and drinks that you want to consume TO GO. If you are in such a hurry that your meal must already be prepared and waiting for you in a bag that you only need to take, pay for and go.


That someone is making you food which will help you detox.

That someone is racking their brains about what to offer you so that you can rebalance your precious body and slowly bring it back from an acidic to an alkaline state, which helps your immune system stay in its best condition.

That your balanced and excellently nourished body could maintain your body weight by itself and you would no longer have to deal with it?

That the food you ingest would help with your digestion and hydration, and that instead of directing your energy into digesting food which is difficult to digest, you could invest your energy into your creative projects and into spending quality free time and doing quality work?


In “Ajdovo zrno” you will find all of the above and possibly something more that will find its way onto your magical plate of healthy bites.


Brunch: 9.00 – 17.00 Monday – Friday
Lunch: 12.00 – 17.00 Monday – Friday
Saturdays Brunch: 8.00 do 13.00 Saturday,
040 832 446
Trubarjeva 7,
1000 Ljubljana

Designed by Žiga Leški, Photos by Jana Šnudrl, Text by Andreja Solina